Preventing Account Takeover Threats


Account takeover is a threat in cyberspace, which does not get nearly enough attention. It is when an attacker manages to gain access to your online account, whether social media, email, or online banking, to name a few, and proceeds to commit crimes using it. They can, for example, clean out your account, post inflammatory messages, communicate with known threats, and do other terrible things. While other forms of cybercrimes get plenty of attention, the huge threat account takeover poses gets overlooked, when it should not.


Reports of previous cybercrimes indicate that most of the effective damage done by those criminals started with account taken over, with the other smaller portion going to malware. With so many instances of accounts being taken over, SpyCloudis important that you make sure you protect yourself and your business.


While a business might focus on protecting its accounts and leave those of its employees to themselves, it is important not to neglect them. When an employee’s social media account is taken over, it exposes the company they work for to some serious threats. They are part of the organization structure, and so their accounts can be used as a representative of the company. If crimes are committed using that account, the company will come to be associated with such acts. They may also use the trust placed on an employee to terrorize the company itself. You, therefore, need to ensure you have adequate protection against any form of a data breach and to also have measures in place on how you will react in case any form of account takeover is ever successful. Know more about cyber security at


A good strategy is first to control the devices employees use at work. While there is a general shift to encouraging employees to use their own devices at work, storing sensitive company information, along with their account credentials on those computers, should be monitored. When they access the secure network at work, things are fine. But since they are personal devices, they are likely to end up in a home or public network. You, therefore, either provide them with devices for work and never allow personal devices on the company network or train them on effective personal device management.

You need to also train them on how to set strong passwords. Most common success stories of account takeover reveal that people use weak passwords or repeat the same ones in different accounts. You also need to get them a reliable password manager. It is important to also discourage them from ever using public Wi-Fi.

To cap it all off, you need to turn to the cybersecurity professionals for their expert analysis of your company situation, and the installation of appropriate measures to keep all of you safe. You need to visit this site for more information. Be sure to discover more here!

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